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Hip Replacement Surgery

Who needs this procedure?

If you have debilitating pain in your hip, you may need hip replacement surgery. Typical symptoms include severe groin pain, a limp when you walk or difficulty with basic functions such as putting on your socks, shoes, or even getting up from a seated position. This surgery is not just for people with age-related arthritis, but could also be necessary for those with sports-related injuries.

What is the procedure?

Your hip is a ball and socket joint. When the socket or the ball gets worn down, the movement between the two pieces is no longer smooth, making it difficult for you to walk or function normally. The surgery entails removing the old ball and socket and replacing them with a modern prosthesis of metal on plastic or ceramic on plastic.

As for these materials, historically they would last 15 years before they wear out but now they can last up to 20 to 25 years.

The procedure typically requires a two- to four-day stay in the hospital, followed by extensive physical therapy.

Why should you choose Wilson Orthopaedics?

Dr. Wilson performs hip replacement surgeries at Montefiore Medical Center and Hospital for Joint Diseases. Both renowned academic institutions working with such an institution that gives Dr. Wilson the ability to stay versed on the latest cutting edge techniques. Dr. Wilson has performed many successful procedures and is a recognized leader in hip replacement surgery. In addition, Dr. Wilson uses minimally invasive techniques that reduce recovery time.

This type of surgery should be entrusted with physicians who do this on a regular basis and are fellowship certified.

For More Information

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